2018 KASSAA Badminton Schedule

As we prepare for the 2018 KASSAA Badminton season Badminton Convenor Shannon Neimi has a few reminders:

  • Tournament Dates and Locations - the dates are indicated below with approximate times and ENTRIES ARE DUE 2 days prior by 4:00 PM. This means Monday after March Break, I require entries!!! Please provide information related to strength/weakness, past success, etc. for best placement in pools/draws. Even though the entries indicate 1, 2, 3 (or 4 for Mixed) ranking. If you only have newer/weaker athletes, you can rank them 2, 3, 3 for example.


  • Wednesday March 21st - 8:30 am Open Singles, 11:00 am Open Mixed, 1:00 pm Junior Singles HCSS League Play


  • Wednesday March 28th - 8:30 am Junior Doubles, 11:00 am Junior Mixed, 1:00 pm Open Doubles HCSS League Play


  • Thursday April 12th - 8:30am - 5:30 pm OPEN KASSAA at REGI (2001 or earlier)
    Open Tournament Results


  • Wednesday April 18th- 8:30 am - 5:30 pm JUNIOR KASSAA at LCVI (2002 or later)
    Junior Tournament Results


  • Tuesday April 24th is EOSSAA in Casselman


  • Chantale has thankfully taken on the financial responsibilities for KASSAA badminton. I would to have additional help to replace other roles that Barbara filled in the past. 1. Someone to make announcement to athletes before each tourney to indicate reminders of scoring, lets/obstructions, etc. 2. Someone (or many people) to help record scores into the computer software. We decided at the June meeting that it would be helpful to have a quick coaches' meeting before the tournament starts.


  • INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT TO READ THIS!!! Also at the June meeting, coaches decided that we would ensure student safety through the use of over-goggles for students that must wear their prescription eye glasses. The only way in which an athlete will not be wearing goggles, is if they wear actual sport glasses that an optometrist can verify/document meeting or surpassing ASTM-F803 standards. I am in the process of trying to get one pair of over-glasses to each school for athletes to try out before the tournament. Coaches are then asked to bring the goggles to the tournament for use that day. We will have additional goggles at the tourneys as well. We should have 20-24 goggles available which is more than enough to cover students that need to wear their prescription glasses. These goggles are $40/pair and are owned by KASSAA. I ask that you ensure they are treated very well to ensure the clarity of the lens. I expect that many students that have simply worn their glasses in the past, will choose contact lenses or not wear their glasses at all, and use the regular goggles that most athletes wear. I have worn these goggles, and they are pretty good. I have found a means to get goggles to ESS, LSS, SHS, HCSS, LCVI and FSS. I'd prefer to not send through Board Mail. If you know someone from your school (and is not on leave) that lives in the Bayridge area, perhaps you can have them pick up your practise goggles. I don't have time after school to deliver them. Matt and Pat, perhaps Sharon could take the KCVI and RND pairs to LCVI to get them closer to you. I could probably get a pair to Erin Pincivero to take to NDSS. Chantale, perhaps your dad would be free to pop by BSS to pick them up for MR or a student that lives out this way (Plouffe is my neighbour but he might have graduated)?


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Frank Halligan, Convenor

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